Daily horoscope for february 26


  1. Daily Horoscope on February 26: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast
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  4. The moon is in Sagittarius today.

At the same, the Moon features in the ninth astrological sign in the constellation Sagittarius. In astrology, Sagittarius the Archer has a great sense of humour rivalled only by his sense of generosity.

Daily Horoscope on February 26: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Moon in Sagittarius, however, diametrically opposes this sentiment with a need to leave the confines of home. Sagittarius is the cosmic energy which pushes for fun and partying when Pisces just wants to stay indoors. The astrologer likened the emotional balance to two fish swimming in opposite directions — the symbol of Pisces.

February 26 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

What this means, is the ongoing square aspect in the heavens is a chance to indulge in your fantasies or become more aware of your escapism. The journey you have just begun is both new and exciting.

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Keep going, Aries! This is not the time to stop and doubt yourself.

What you want to do instead: create a vision board for the future, along with an invincible plan of action. This will motivate you to keep moving forward even when things seem dull and uninspiring. Remember, the people you meet along the way promise to be your biggest accomplices. Be kind. Be gentle.

Focus on building authentic connections.

The Globe and Mail

What a wonderful time to be you, Taurus. The blocks are being lifted and the path is being cleared. The Universe wants you to receive what you deserve and much more. If you have been consistently putting in the work, this is a time of abundance and prosperity in your world. But success without recognition is only half the fun. There are better ways to spend your time and energy. This is certainly not one of them. Word for the wise: go on a digital detox and make a conscious effort to connect with yourself. Let JOMO or the joy of missing out be your power word in this moment. Your mantra in the days to come: know more, grow more.

The pursuit of higher education takes centre stage. Seek avenues that help you add to your body of knowledge. For some, this is a time of spiritual learning; of connecting with a guru or mentor who helps illuminate the path. Is there a healing modality you feel drawn towards?

Cosmic tip: This is a time of connecting with a guru or mentor who helps illuminate the path. Keep that vision board handy.

February 26 Birthday Astrology | HowStuffWorks

You want to get all the motivation you can to continue this journey. Such a wonderful feeling to see your dreams and desires take a tangible form. But how much is too much? Are your commitments towards yourself and the people you love taking a backseat? Let balance be your power word. Death has been a constant theme for you in the recent past. Do away with anything that feels inauthentic to you.

The moon is in Sagittarius today.

This is the only way to come into your own. The transition you are going through promises to bring many blessings even though you may not be able to see them immediately. The light you are seeking awaits you on the other side of this road. Libra, you have some of the most brilliant ideas in the book. The Universe is granting you the gift of clarity. Use it to your advantage. Or get it to put a ring on you.

Stop shying away from talking about forever, baby.