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Work more than fame

Mutual placement of Venus and Jupiter in axis gave him a talent of cinema and because of that, e is very expressive in the screen. Jupiter being 8th lord provided him lots of sudden opportunities too. His early major hits were those films which were rejected by other actors like Darr was rejected by Amir Khan, Baajigar was rejected by Salman Khan and most notably DDLJ was rejected by Saif Ali Khan and we all know after DDLJ he established him self as the new face of Bollywood and since then there was no looking back for him.

His Saturn is in his 7th house in his own zodiac generating Sasa yoga and Saturn gave him enough patience which is essential for success in cinema. His moon is in 6th house aspecting 12th house of imagination and no wonder he is highly imaginative and RA-1 was result of his imagination. He started his Jupiter mahadasha in and his Bollywood career started flying. SRK is 2nd richest actor in the world right now and his estimated net worth is said to be million dollars 4 thousand crores INR and his chart is filled with great wealth yogas.

Along with that, his Laabh Mandook hora is very strong and with Jupiter mahadasha from he increased his wealth day by day. So in his chart you can clearly see 4th lord is Mars and is sitting in own house same time Saturn is in Kendra to Mars in his own zodiac in 7th house, mars is being aspected by Saturn here. SRK have a long history of health problems and went through many surgeries in past. His spine, knees, and shoulder had troubled him many times in past. He is a chain smoker too. In his chart his ascendant lord is debilitated and same time 6th injury, health, healing lord Saturn is in 7th house aspecting ascendant and this made his bone structure weak.

Vedic Counseling with Mas

In future too there will be many health problems to him and since Saturn is transiting to his 4th house he might get some setbacks in health when Saturn will turn retrograde in Currently, he is in Saturn-Venus till and those who have read Laghu Parashari might know the uniqueness of Saturn-Venus period. I can write more and more on his Horoscope but due to limited time, only crux is given here.

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November 2, Related Posts. Order Now. Uttarashada person will never tolerate any indecency. Body Parts : Thighs and Waist.

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Direction : It is related primarily to south, west, north-east and east. People born in the 1st pada will be sexually inclined to other women. In the 2nd pada he pretends to be charitable but in actual practice he is a cunning miser. They stay too long in a destructive relationship dont know when to end a relationship unstable residences moves around a lot or goes on frequent journeys. This attitude eventually lands them in problems they can never come out of.

Uttarashada Nakshatra is the complete opposite of Ashlesha. They can never get along, and with good reason.

Michael Jackson Complete Horoscope

The animal related to Ashlesha is a snake while that of Uttarashada is a Mongoose. These two nakshatras are opposite to each other and are also placed opposite to each other. There is open enmity and war fare between these two nakshatras. This Nakshatra has little tolerance for underhanded or deceptive tactics that Ashlesha indulges in.

Every error one makes under the influence of this Nakshatra is prone to be magnified due to the enormous capacity of this Nakshatra to influence the material world. Uttarashada is a slave to flattery and expects others to look after his welfare. Every action of his needs to be recognized by others otherwise he is dragged into a state of unhappiness. He is subjected to maximum happiness one moment and maximum unhappiness the next.

Nothing seems impossible when one is working through the energies of this pada. Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Ketu are especially potent here.

Rahu In Medical Astrology

Jupiter gives the best results. Planets placed here give nerves of steel. Mars and Saturn have the ability to best utilize the energies of this pada. The emphasis here is on accumulation, whether it be knowledge or material possessions. A strong attachment to the concept of family can be noticed in this pada.